Friday, February 28, 2014

Alphabet Search and Find

I have been spending these last few weeks really working on writing out the sounds you hear when writing. I find every year it is the February doom and gloom… {and the endless days of indoor recess!} that make me have to work a little harder to keep all my little friends focused! I have had these Alphabet Search and Find Beanbags from Lakeshore for YEARS!!!! Sad, but true… they sat in a little labeled bin in my closet.  Sad.

I finally saved them from their misery…. pulled them out, dusted off their bin, and yes, created a little ABC book to use with them.

I will tell you,  Once I opened the lid it was like I opened a box of candy and said, "Go ahead! Eat it ALL!"

Handing them each an ABC book and letting them pick their own bean bag to write the words of what they find in it was beyond exciting! It's the little things!

It was soooo exciting, I let them do two!!!! I always like to let them know, I wasn't planning on letting them do two letters…. "but, OK, I guess… I will let you do two! "

Hop over to my TPT Store to get your own Alphabet books. I made the cover a little different incase you do not have the Look and Find Beanbags. You could use any letter sound materials you have. It would work great with letter sound tubs with objects.

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