Thursday, February 6, 2014

You Just Got A Letter!

One of my favorite dramatic play areas is the class

Using some Pinterest inspiration I built a cute mailbox from.... a Tyson Chicken box from the lunch room! I also happen to pick up the polka dot Duck Tape on clearance from Home Depot for.... wait for it... under $2!  Hello, happy girl! Polka Dots, tape and clearance, all in one sentence! I snapped up all 4 rolls they had. It actually took 1 whole roll to make this mailbox.

The Creation!
{... gotta fix that tape!}

After making the mailbox I felt my mail needed a little upgrade.  Little by little I have been adding common core into my creative workshop centers.  I created a whole set of bright polka dot letters, and signs to place around the classroom for delivering.  Each letter is programmed with a ten frame, which is the address.  The workers read the ten frame and locate its correct box out in the classroom to deliver it to. I left these items in the newly created post office area with little instruction. They figured it out all on their own. It was a huge hit!

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