Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting for SPRING!

Coming back to school after spring break always causes a little panic! This is the home stretch! Did I teach them enough? What do we still need to tackle?  Can I do it all before June? Looking at my class I am always loving the crazy amount of progress they have made, but always feel like we can do more!

The feel of Kindergarten has really changed over the course of my career and now I find myself taking those "fun" projects and seeing how I can pull in some common core and critical thinking. Today we made math flowers! Lots of math, fine motor, direction following. Not to mention they do look pretty darn cute hanging up!

Enjoy the printable of the recording sheet! Our flowers petal strips are 9"x 1.5" The centers were 7.5 inch circles.  Be sure to link back and show me your flowers if you make them!

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